You may have heard of Minecraft, the block-building game that has taken over kids’ minds. What you might not know is that it’s possible to create your own pixelated spheres in a matter of seconds with this handy Minecraft sphere generator.

For gamers who love crafting and building their own worlds, Minecraft is an endlessly creative outlet. Now, with this Generator, players can create pixel spheres to grow their Minecraft worlds.


Despite the vast number of cool games available today, Minecraft remains one child’s favorite. It’s a block-building game where players can build structures and things out of blocks. Players can also interact with each other in the world, fight zombies and explore caves.

You can go ahead and get an idea of how to place blocks on the right spots for a perfect sphere through this incredible tool.


The Minecraft sphere generator is a powerful tool designed to assist Minecraft gamers in building incredible spheres and other shapes inspired by spherical shapes such as domes and building tops, increasing the scope of Minecraft spheres.

Although this tool has plenty of exciting features, some of its key features are listed below:

It is possible to generate sphere shapes with variable radius sizes with the help of this sphere maker.

The tool clearly displays the exact number of blocks you need to create your dream sphere in the Minecraft game.

It is possible for you to generate two types of sphere shapes, one with aligned blocks and one without aligned blocks.

Depending on your preference, you can either highlight the sphere or leave an empty space.

It is also possible to opt for lightening the previous layers of the suggested model to gain a better understanding of block placement.

Speedwallop Minecraft Pixel Sphere Generator


There is no confusion about how to use or understand this sphere generator. The straightforward and simple design of this tool makes it very easy for beginners to get familiar with it and understand it better.

By default, this tool generates a model to create a sphere with a radius of eight and recommended settings enabled.

You can modify or reselect the radius of the sphere as per your requirements.

Next, choose whether to fill the sphere with blocks or leave empty spaces where blocks have already been positioned.

In addition, you can decide whether to separate the previous layer of blocks via highlighting for differentiation.

Thereafter, you can choose whether to display the blocks in a well-arranged or aligned form.

Finally, hit the generate button to generate the sphere shape with the settings you just selected.

Note: It is recommended to generate the sphere shape for inspiration well under the radius value of 20 to render it smoothly; otherwise, it will occupy lots of your PC resources.


What is the command in Minecraft that creates a filled sphere?

Use the following command to create a perfectly filled circle in Minecraft without any hassle:
Use /sphere to make a filled sphere.

What is the command in Minecraft that creates a hollow sphere?

For those of you using Minecraft, here is a command you can use to make amazing hollow spheres quickly with ease:
Use /hsphere to make a hollow sphere.