Now you guys can use this exciting Jitter Click Test to test your Jitter clicking skills which is a clicking technique that makes your click faster with any computer mouse.

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The jitter click test is one of our most popular games because of its simplicity. Unlike other games out there, this one has no flashy graphics or images. Your only focus will be clicking as fast as possible in the given time!


Jitter Clicking is a technique in which you click your mouse button repeatedly in quick succession, so fast that it creates an effect of jitter in your clicking fingers. Thus the name Jitter Click.

Jitter Clicking is mostly used in games or applications where you need to click your mouse button repeatedly, fast. For example, Minecraft and similar games. You can use this test and improve your jitter clicking skills with consistent practice!


Jitter clicking is a type of clicking that is extremely difficult to do at the start as it requires a lot of skill. Jitter clicking can be hard initially, but it gets easier the more you do it.

The idea of jitter clicking is to click as fast as possible with your finger in one spot. Many people can’t do it at all or do it very poorly.

Clickers mostly practice this technique to increase their CPS (Clicks per second). The technique is commonly used in Minecraft, specifically in the popular mini-game known as Hypixel Skywars.


All you need is a mouse and a desire to be the fastest clicker in the world.

Jitter clicking is similar to butterfly clicking, but it’s performed with one finger more rapidly and usually results in higher CPS. Unlike drag clicking jitter clicking takes some serious practice to master this form of clicking.

It’s not an easy technique to master, but anybody can practice it. It doesn’t matter if you’re using a high-end gaming mouse or an old laptop trackpad. All you need to do is move your clicking finger up and down, vibrating them as rapidly as possible, creating the jittering effect with them.


You’ll make mistakes at first, but with some practice, you’ll get there. Let’s break down the basics:

You want to use your index or pointer finger along with the middle finger hovering over your clicking finger. Your pointer finger might feel more comfortable at first, but I suggest picking up some bad habits before moving on to good ones.

Once you’re used to jitter clicking with your index finger, switching over to using two fingers simultaneously should be much easier.

You want to rest your wrist on something, so it doesn’t move around too much. It’s okay for it to wiggle a little bit. That’ll actually help you get better results, but having a solid foundation will allow you to focus on improving your technique rather than just trying not to fall over.

You need to click your mouse button down and up rapidly to perform a jitter click. This will create a small “jitter and vibration.” It takes practice to get good at this method of clicking.

The mouse must not move at all during the process of jitter clicking. If you are moving your mouse around while jitter clicking, it won’t count. You must jitter click in one spot only to get the most clicks per second!

To jitter click on a laptop computer, it is recommended that you use an external mouse. If you must click using the built-in trackpad, try using a technique called “butterfly clicking,” which involves moving your fingers side-by-side over both trackpad buttons simultaneously.

Jitter clickers usually use an optical mouse because they are more responsive and result in better performance.


This game may seem easy on paper; however, it becomes very difficult to achieve a high score once you start playing. Some of the exciting features of this test are given below:

A timer counts down from 10 seconds, measuring the number of times you can click within that time frame.

It records your current speed per second and CPS in a table.

You can opt for different modes available for testing and comparing your results with others.

In the end, This test will show you your CPS, which determines how fast you were clicking during the test.

Speedwallop - Jitter Click Test Features


Is jitter clicking dangerous?

Jitter clicking is like a habit, which you do by moving your hand. Jitter clicking is not dangerous, but it can strain your hand, and you would feel pain in your hand. We don’t recommend an excessive amount of continuous jitter clicking as it might be harmful to your wrist.

What is the best hand position to use while Jitter Clicking?

Some people prefer to use their index fingers to click the mouse, while others prefer to use their middle fingers. It all depends on how comfortable you are using the mouse. If you are using the index finger method, you will need an ergonomic mouse so that your hand will not tire out quickly. If you use the middle finger method, then any mouse can work.