We are excited to offer this amazing block pathfinder that will help you place blocks in Minecraft to create accurate ramps, angled walls, torch trails, lamp posts, and more.

Block Spacing

Don’t waste time guessing block placements. Now try this exciting Minecraft Path Finder and take your Minecraft creations to the next level!


Block Path Finder is a web app designed to provide you with precise block placement locations between any two points in Minecraft Bedrock and Minecraft generally. 

Whether you’re constructing a long ramp, an angled road, or a sprawling rooftop, this tool has everything covered.

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Customizable Paths: Now you can determine block locations for various structures such as ramps, roads, walls, or spaced-out items like lamp posts or torches.

Smooth Inclines: Moreover, you can build smoother inclines by selecting the “use half slabs” option, which will indicate slabs in the Y position.

Easy-to-Use Interface: Most importantly, you only need to input the X, Y, and Z coordinates of start and end locations respectively, adjust block spacing settings, and let Block Path Finder do the rest.

Comprehensive Data: Finally, you can get detailed block numbers, and X, Y, and Z coordinates for precise placement.

Flexible Spacing: In addition, set spacing to 1 for solid structures or customize it for spaced-out items along a path.

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Start by simply entering the coordinates of the starting and ending points of your desired path in Minecraft.

Afterward, specify the spacing between blocks based on your construction needs.

For solid structures like roads or walls, set the spacing to 1 to avoid gaps. 

Meanwhile, for spaced-out items like lamp posts or torches, enter the desired distance between each item.

If you want smoother inclines for roofs or ramps, select the solid value from the options. It will indicate the positions for slabs in the Y-coordinate, providing a smoother transition.

Once you’ve inputted the necessary information, the tool will generate a list of block numbers along with their X, Y, and Z coordinates.

You can scroll through the list to see the full set of results.

Click on the result area to copy the values in the clipboard and utilize the provided block positions and coordinates to accurately build ramps, angled walls, torch trails, lamp posts, and more in your Minecraft world.


What is Block Path Finder?

Block Path Finder is an online tool featured on Speedwallop that helps Minecraft players determine the precise positions for placing blocks between two locations. It’s particularly useful for constructing accurate ramps, angled walls, torch trails, lamp posts, and more.

How does Block Path Finder work?

Block Path Finder utilizes an algorithm called Breadth First Search (BFS) to calculate the shortest path between two given points in a Minecraft world. It generates a list of block numbers along with their X, Y, and Z coordinates, providing users with the necessary information for building structures with precision.

Can Block Path Finder handle 3D pathfinding?

While the current version of Block Path Finder focuses on 2D pathfinding, we intend to explore 3D pathfinding capabilities in future updates.