Ever wanted to know how quickly and accurately you can type words? Take this WPM Test to find out! WPM stands for words per minute and will give you an indication of your typing speed. Give it a go and see how you perform!

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“We Are What We Repeatedly Do” - Aristotle

Do you know that NKRO (N-Key Rollover) is a great feature for gamers and typists? It allows you to press multiple keys simultaneously without any missed keystrokes. The higher the NKRO, the more keys you can press simultaneously, resulting in higher WPM scores. Test the key rollover of your keyboard to ensure peak performance.


In today’s digital world of communication, keyboard proficiency, including fast and accurate typing speed, is considered a necessary skill.

Educators and employers often use the WPM test for typing speed training and assessment.

Therefore, children, adults, and students can use this test to check their average words per minute score and improve it.

The average typing speed is around 40 words per minute, so if you type at a moderate pace, you should be able to complete this test with an amazing score.

However, it’s important to improve your typing skills through practice continually. To master typing speed, ensure your keyboard and keys are in good working condition by performing a keyboard test.


This exciting and intuitive test allows you to measure your wpm score and accuracy in a fun and challenging way.

First, you can observe your WPM score in real-time as you type, giving instant feedback on your performance.

You’ll also be able to see your accuracy percentage, how many words you’ve typed correctly, and where you need to improve.

Moreover, you can also spectate the timer that encourages you to monitor your progress and motivate yourself to type quicker and more effectively.

But that’s not all! This test also includes a unique feature that hides the upcoming words, making it more challenging and providing a greater test of your typing skills.

And with multiple time limit options, you can test your durability and see how well you perform under pressure.

A detailed personalized report of your performance gives you valuable insights into your typing habits and allows you to adjust and improve your typing speed.

With the WPM Test, you can take your typing skills to new heights and impress everyone with lightning-fast fingers!

Words Per Minute Test – WPM Test - Features


Unlock your typing potential with our user-friendly online tool!

Start by selecting your desired time limit from our selection of difficulty options.

As you type the given words in the text box, strive for accuracy and speed to boost your WPM score.

Once the timer runs out, take a look at your personalized report to see how you did.

Show off your results to your friends on social media and challenge yourself to beat your previous good wpm score by taking the test again.


Individuals commonly use WPM tests to measure their typing speed and efficiency.

If you are an employer, you can use it as a metric for recruiting employees for jobs that require a lot of typing.

If you are a student or professional, you can use it to track your progress and improve your typing skills over time.


Why is it important to take the WPM Test?

WPM Test is a valuable tool for improving typing speed and efficiency. It’s widely used by employers, students, and professionals to measure and track progress. In the digital age, taking this test is a great way to improve skills and stand out in the job market.

How is WPM measured?

WPM is measured by counting the number of words typed in a specific time (usually one minute) in the WPM test.

What is the average WPM score?

Typing speed varies among individuals, with the average adult typing around 40-50 words per minute. Professionals can type faster at 60-80 words per minute, while beginners may only type 20-30 words per minute.