What is Minecraft Gold Pickaxe and Why You Should Use It

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Minecraft is a game that lets you create and explore infinite worlds with your imagination. It also has a variety of tools that you can use to mine, craft, and fight. One of these tools is the gold pickaxe, which is made of gold ingots and sticks.

You might think that a gold pickaxe is useless because of its low durability and mining speed, but you would be wrong.

In this blog, I will explain what is Minecraft gold pickaxe, how it differs from other pickaxes, and why you should use it.

What is Minecraft Gold Pickaxe?

A gold pickaxe is a tool that you can use to mine ores, rocks, rock-based blocks, and metal-based blocks quickly and obtain them as items. It is part of the fourth tier of tools traditionally available to make in-game.

It has a durability of 32, which means it can break 32 blocks before it breaks. It also has a mining speed of 12, which means it can mine 12 blocks per second.

A gold pickaxe can mine the following blocks faster than any other tool:


Nether Quartz Ore

Sea Lantern


Gilded Blackstone

It can also mine the following blocks as fast as any other tool:

Coal Ore

Copper Ore

Iron Ore

Lapis Lazuli Ore

Redstone Ore

However, a gold pickaxe cannot mine the following blocks at all:

Ancient Debris

Diamond Ore

Emerald Ore

Netherite Block


How Does Gold Pickaxe Differ from Other Pickaxes?

A gold pickaxe differs from other pickaxes in several ways.

First of all, it has the lowest durability among all pickaxes, even lower than a wooden pickaxe. This means it will break very quickly if you use it too much.

Second, it has the highest merchantability among all pickaxes. This means it can receive better and more enchantments than other pickaxes when you use an enchantment table or an anvil.

Third, it has a special interaction with piglins. Piglins are hostile mobs that spawn in the Nether and love gold.

If you wear any piece of gold armor or hold any gold item, such as a gold pickaxe, they will not attack you unless you provoke them. They will also become curious and inspect any gold item that you drop near them.

Why Should You Use Gold Pickaxe?

You might wonder why you should use a gold pickaxe when there are better options available, such as iron, diamond, or netherite pickaxes. Well, there are some reasons why you might want to use a gold pickaxe in certain situations. Here are some of them:

You want to mine glowstone, nether quartz ore, sea lantern, shroomlight, or gilded blackstone faster than any other tool.

You want to get better enchantments on your pickaxe without spending too many levels or resources.

You want to avoid conflict with piglins in the Nether and trade with them for rare items.

You want to have fun with your friends or by yourself by using a different and unique tool.

Of course, you should also be aware of the drawbacks of using a gold pickaxe, such as its low durability and inability to mine some blocks. You should always have a backup tool in case your gold pickaxe breaks or fails to mine something.

You should also be careful not to drop your gold pickaxe near piglins or they might take it from you.


Minecraft gold pickaxe is a tool that has its pros and cons. It can mine some blocks faster than any other tool, receive better enchantments, and make piglins friendly. However, it can also break very quickly and fail to mine some blocks.

You should use it wisely and creatively depending on your needs and preferences. I hope you enjoyed reading this blog and learned something new about what is Minecraft gold pickaxe and why you should use it.

If you have any questions or feedback, please leave a comment below.

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