What Do Minecraft Dolphins Eat? A Complete Guide to These Friendly Mobs

What Do Minecraft Dolphins Eat A Complete Guide to These Friendly Mobs

Dolphins is one of the most charming and intelligent mobs in Minecraft. They can be found swimming in groups in the oceans, playing with items, jumping over boats, and following players.

They can also give players a speed boost in the water and lead them to buried treasure. But what do they eat? And how do you feed them? In this blog post, we will answer these questions and more, so you can enjoy your dolphin companions to the fullest.

How to Find a Dolphin in Minecraft

Dolphins spawn in groups of three to five in all ocean biomes, except frozen and cold oceans. They spawn exclusively between levels 50 and 64. They are neutral mobs, meaning they will not attack you unless provoked.

You can also use a spawn egg to spawn a dolphin, but this is not recommended for survival mode. The chance of getting a dolphin from a spawn egg is 10% in Java Edition.

How to Feed a Dolphin in Minecraft

Dolphins eat raw cod and raw salmon. You can obtain these fish by fishing with a fishing rod or by killing cod or salmon mobs in the water. To feed a dolphin, you need to drop the raw salmon or raw cod near the dolphin in the waterbody and the dolphin will eat them. 

Feeding dolphins has various benefits for the player:

Feeding dolphins improves their “trust” and interactions with the player, depending on the amount of fish fed.

Feeding dolphins make them lead you to the nearest shipwreck or underwater ruins that has a chest with loot. This is useful for finding buried treasure maps or other valuable items.

Feeding dolphins makes them enter love mode and breed with another nearby dolphin. This produces a baby dolphin that grows up over time.

How to Play With a Dolphin in Minecraft

Dolphins are very playful and curious mobs that like to interact with players and items. Here are some ways you can play with them:

Swim near them to receive Dolphin’s Grace, a status effect that increases your swimming speed for five seconds. This effect can be replenished by staying near dolphins.

Ride a boat near them to make them follow you and jump over your boat. This is a fun way to travel across the ocean with your dolphin friends.

Throw items into the water near them to make them chase and toss them around. This is a good way to entertain them and yourself.

Build an aquarium or pool for them to live in. You can use glass blocks, water buckets, coral blocks, sea pickles, kelp, seagrass, and other aquatic decorations to create a cozy home for your dolphins. Just make sure they have enough space and air to breathe.


Dolphins are wonderful mobs that can make your Minecraft adventures more fun and rewarding. They can be fed, bred, and played with in various ways. They also eat raw cod and raw salmon, which can heal them or speed up their growth.

We hope this blog post has helped you learn more about what Minecraft dolphins eat and how to take care of them. If you have any questions or feedback, feel free to comment below. 

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