Be a part of this extreme spacebar hits per one-second challenge and share your all-time highest score with your friends on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok and challenge them if they can beat your best score. So, without wasting any time, get started with this challenge by tapping on the play button below.

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This space bar challenge is one of the fundamental challenges available on this website. It not only helps you to get better at spacebar tapping but also allows you to have fun at the same time. This challenge will definitely prepare you guys for the upcoming spacebar challenges, which are way more demanding than this one.

Our team does not compromise on the quality of the content we provide for our users. If you find difficulty using this online counter or find a glitch while performing the spacebar challenge, please report it to us we shall be more than happy to fix it.

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How can I share my score on social media?

Record a video of yourself playing this spacebar challenge and share it on TikTok. Moreover, you can take a screenshot of your score to share it on social media. Furthermore, you guys can share your HPS scores and rank on social media from the pop-up screen right after the completion of the challenge.

Can I participate in this challenge using mobile?

We would recommend using your desktop or pc to participate in this challenge as per the rules set by the community. Meanwhile, if you have an external keyboard to connect to your mobile device, you can definitely participate in this challenge using your mobile.