Challenge your limits right now, and look how many hits you can get in this spacebar hits per five seconds challenge. Not getting your desired results? don’t worry, get your hands dirty here, and we assure you that it will pay off eventually in your real-time gaming skills.

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With the help of this exciting space bar challenge, you guys can dominate upcoming space bar challenges with intense practice. Performing well in this simple challenge will boost your confidence and make you prepare to perform well in further spacebar challenges. So spend a reasonable amount of time practicing here. It will eventually pay off.

Our team does not compromise on the quality of the content we provide for our users. If you find difficulty using this online counter or find a glitch while performing the spacebar challenge, please report it to us we shall be more than happy to fix it.

Speedwallop Spacebar Hits Per Five Seconds Challenge Features


How many hits can I get in this 5 seconds challenge?

The current highest score in this spacebar challenge stands at 72 clicks per 5 seconds. Give this challenge a shot so you can be the next highest score record holder.

How to reuse this counter after the first attempt?

You can easily replay this counter challenge from the pop-up screen by tapping either on the reset button at the bottom center of the screen or on the exit button at the right top corner of the popup screen. Moreover, you can tap anywhere outside of that screen and play this challenge by tapping on the play button.