Tap the play button below and start hitting your space bar key to join the best keyboard challenge. Hurry up; use this exclusive online Spacebar Counter to test your limits with exciting challenges waiting just for you.

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Subsequently, this tap speed counter is designed to maintain the best user experience possible. So far, it’s been a tremendous effort from our UI/UX team. Nevertheless, we will always be open to improvements if you have difficulty using this counter or have suggestions. Feel free to contact us or drop us a message.


First and foremost, if you are fond of testing your limits and challenging yourself, this counter tool is the perfect place to assess your spacebar click speed with a time challenge. Here you can find out how fast you can hold down and tap the spacebar key of your keyboard.

Most Importantly, there is no such requirement for a fancy app or software installation to use this space bar counter. All you have to do is, connect to the internet and navigate to to use this simple yet precise and powerful spacebar tap counter.


We have the ultimate challenges on this website for our delighted users. Now, users can test their restraints by challenging themselves with ultimate spacebar tapping. Exercising your skills here will polish them and enable you to embark on a new journey of success in gaming. 

Here are a few challenges waiting for you that we are offering at this time. So, you can beat the highest spacebar score and be the next spacebar hits world record holder to join the leaderboard yourself.


Speedwallop is now offering long-awaited astounding challenges for its online users. Now they can test their speed of spacebar clicking with these time-limit challenges. You only need a functional keyboard and warmed-up fingers, so loosen up your fingers to dive into this spacebar time-limit challenge.

Here are a few spam-free time-limit challenges we are offering now.

Spacebar Hits Per 01 Second Challenge

Spacebar Hits Per 05 Seconds Challenge

Spacebar Hits Per 10 Seconds Challenge

Spacebar Hits Per 20 Seconds Challenge

Spacebar Hits Per 30 Seconds Challenge

Spacebar Hits Per 40 Seconds Challenge

Spacebar Hits Per 50 Seconds Challenge

Spacebar Hits Per 01 Minute Challenge

Spacebar Hits Per 100 Seconds Challenge

Spacebar Hits Per 200 Seconds Challenge


Finally, now you can evaluate your space bar tapping speed with this ultimate score challenge. All you have to do is select a score limit for yourself and start hitting the spacebar. This way, you can check how much time in seconds it took you to reach your target spacebar hits.

If you reach your target easily, challenge yourself further by increasing the target hit score, as surely who would defy improvement in their skills. Besides, if you find it hard to maintain your hit score as per requirement, practice a lot as it is said: “practice makes a man perfect.”

Here is a list of a few spam-free score challenges awaiting you right now.

Spacebar 100 Hits Score Challenge

Spacebar 300 Hits Score Challenge

Spacebar 500 Hits Score Challenge

Spacebar 1000 Hits Score Challenge

Spacebar 2000 Hits Score Challenge


Finally, one of the most awaited double twist spacebar score and time limit challenges is here. Unlike the typical spaceport challenges listed on this website, these challenges are some real trouble, especially for our delighted users who are just getting started with these challenges. So take a deep breath and start with the challenges listed below.   

Here is a list of the ultimate challenges you can play right now.

Spacebar 100 Hits Per 10 Seconds Score Challenge

Spacebar 200 Hits Per 20 Seconds Score Challenge

Spacebar 300 Hits Per 30 Seconds Score Challenge

Spacebar 300 Hits Per 01 Minute Score Challenge

Spacebar 1000 Hits Per 01 Minute Score Challenge


The TikTok spacebar challenge is quite popular nowadays, and people are not getting bored with it. So, why should we stay behind? Without wasting time, tune into, start recording your progress, set a hit score record for your friends, and challenge them if they can beat you in this viral TikTok trend without any hack or cheat code. Show them what you are made of via zoom and have zero competition.


Users can use this online tap counter to check how competitive they are in spacebar tapping. This counter has four main interactive sections.

The first section indicates the real-time score and timer ticking. So, you can tally your spacebar clicks along with your HPS score.

The second section is where the real action happens. Therefore you can use this section to start the game by tapping the play button.

Meanwhile, the third section consists of a popup message that pops up when you finish the first round of your game. It indicates your rank, score, and HPS score, along with a message specified for you based on your performance.

You guys can share your scores on social media through this section. Moreover, you can tap on the reset button or anywhere outside the popup message to play this game again.

Speedwallop Spacebar Counter - Features

The core features which make us apart from other leading websites,


Our website has a responsive design that makes it both mobile phone and desktop friendly and compatible to use on either device. Therefore, PS4 users using Androids, Tablets, IOS-based iPhones, and iPads can easily participate in this spacebar competition. So, break the egg and start practicing the online spacebar, clicking quiz, irrespective of your device.


Cross-browser compatibility is one of the hardest things to achieve, especially if you are developing a tool such as a space button click counter. Shout out to our developer’s team for this milestone. Our website is fully optimized for well-renowned internet browsers such as Opera, Safari, Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Firefox, Mozilla, and Microsoft Edge.


Now users can use this online counter in a high-performance mode without any lag or glitch, as this click counter is highly optimized per the latest standards, boosting its performance. Moreover, users can save their progress by sharing their scores on social media platforms with a simple click to fire up the competition and keep a count of their spacebar hit progress.


The core feature of that we are proud of the most is that we don’t let our users down in the middle of something. We believe in a strong relationship with our users so we can grow together. We are always working tirelessly to bring some more spacebar quizzes and challenges.


This tap counter is free to use and share online, and each feature is now unblocked. Moreover, our UI/UX team’s efforts have made this calculator simple and easy for users, irrespective of their background knowledge and experience.


Unquestionably, most of you guys wouldn’t find any difficulty using this spacebar counter as our UI/UX team has designed this click counter by following the best industry practices. But let us discuss its usage for the record.

Absolutely, there is no need to download any fancy application, VPN, or software. All you need is a decent internet connection, a sound keyboard, and a pair of fingers that you use in video gaming. Firstly, connect to the internet and navigate to using a browser, and you are good to go. Now, there are a few modes available for this spacebar counter.

The first one is where you can hit the most extended horizontal key on your keyboard, also known as the space button, to tally your spacebar hits and determine your score.

The second one is where you can challenge yourself with a time limit to figure out how many times you can hit the spacebar under a specific timeframe window.

The third one is where you can check your spacebar hitting ability by setting a spacebar score or spacebar hit limit to find out how much time it took to meet your score or space button click target.

Last but not least, there is a mode where you can increase the competitiveness of your spacebar quiz by involving two-variable scores and time limits in your test. So, bring it on and be a part of this 2x spacebar competition. Moreover, you can also practice this mode to be more competitive in the Minecraft server known as Kohi.


What is the world record for pressing the spacebar?

The current world record holder has hit the spacebar 145 times in 10 seconds, 210 times in 20 seconds, 258 times in 30 seconds, and 552 times in 60 seconds or a minute.

How many times can you click the spacebar per second?

The current highest score for spacebar clicks per second is around 14 hits. But if you are keen to practice, you can be the next world record holder.

What is the highest score on the spacebar counter?

Right now, one of the users holds the record for the highest score of 14.5 hits per second. Try the spacebar challenge right now to be the next highest spacebar score holder.

What is the spacebar key?

Most users are familiar with the spacebar key, but let us clear for newbies that the spacebar is the longest horizontal key placed at the middle bottom of the keyboard.

How to fix a spacebar key?

Keep your keyboard clean to avoid such hazards in the first place. Use a cotton stick to clean the loose endings of the spacebar. You can also use a screwdriver or flat-surfaced tool to pop the key out for cleaning. If all this does not fix your spacebar, it is probably time to replace it.

How to click the spacebar faster?

The key secret is to practice tons of times. Most people tend to hit the spacebar faster with two fingers. So, hold the spacebar down with one finger just above its base and tap it with another finger as fast as possible.