This Mouse Test can help you test your device and troubleshoot mouse issues such as problems with the right mouse button, left mouse button, mouse scroll wheel, mouse middle button, and side buttons usually found in gaming mouses.


This mouse tester can help you determine if your mouse functions appropriately on any device, including Windows, Linux, Apple, Android, iOS, Windows Phone, and iPhone tablets.

It can also help troubleshoot common mouse issues; to test your mouse’s hold and drag feature, try this Mouse & Touchpad Hold & Drag Test.

Meanwhile, tuning your mouse acceleration settings can significantly improve your mouse performance and help you become more efficient at Click Speed Test. So, try the Mouse Acceleration Test to see the difference these settings can make!

If you’re experiencing a lagging mouse with jerky and slow movements, especially while scrolling. First, check your scrolling speed via Scroll Speed Test, and to make it perform better is to test the polling rate of your mouse and see if you can increase it. The other way is to check if there is slow cursor movement via Cursor Movement Speed Test.


This exciting mouse test comes with an extensive amount of features. You can identify pretty much any of your mouse failures via this great test. some more useful operations of this test are given below:

Firstly, you guys can test the right and left mouse buttons and detect the mouse button clicks and button releases.

Secondly, you can also detect and test the side buttons of gaming mice and the middle mouse buttons of regular computer mice.

Moreover, you can also test and detect the mouse scroll wheel.

Most importantly, this test is available for both wired and wireless mice. So, you can check your device irrespective of its nature.

In addition, you can also test the touchpads of your personal laptops via this extensive test.

Speedwallop - Mouse Test Features


This web application will help you see if your computer mouse is working properly, whether a wired mouse or a wireless mouse. Here are the easy steps to follow to do this on your own.

First of all, to test the left-click button, press the left-click button on your mouse. If the corresponding mouse button lights up on the virtual mouse button, then it is fine. Otherwise, it is not.

In a similar vein, you can test your mouse’s right-click button by clicking on it. It is okay as long as the corresponding mouse button lights up on the virtual mouse button. In any other case, it is not.

In addition, please scroll up and down on your scroll wheel to test it. If the scroll wheel on the model mouse button doesn’t work.

Meanwhile, to test the middle mouse button, press down on the scroll wheel to simulate a middle button press. If you are using an older mouse without a middle button, you can simultaneously use both the left and right buttons to perform this action.

Moreover, some gaming mice come with extra buttons that are not usually used for normal operations. These buttons can have specific functions for gaming, such as quick switching or zooming in and out of applications. If you have extra buttons on your mouse, press them now to ensure they are working correctly.

Sometimes you can experience accidental mouse double clicks and they can be really frustrating. To fix this issue, first, use the Double Click Test to detect if your mouse is registering double clicks. Then, adjust the double-click settings to get the desired results.


How to get the computer to recognize the mouse?

In the case of both wired and wireless mice and even touchpads, make sure your OS and hardware drivers are up to date, and there is no bug reported related to the current software versions. Furthermore, restarting your computer can resolve some major software conflicts. In the case of an external mouse, try re-connecting your mouse, and if it does not help, open a support ticket on your manufacturer’s site.

What to do if the computer mouse is not working?

If your mouse isn’t working, you can’t do most tasks. No worries, most of the problems are easy to solve. Start by cleaning your mouse. (Dust can accumulate on the bottom of the mouse). Check the manufacturer’s support website for instructions on properly setting up the mouse. Additionally, you can use a different USB port if using an external mouse. Changing your mouse pad is another option. If your mouse still doesn’t work, you may need to replace it.

How to fix a malfunctioning wireless mouse?

Check the battery if your wireless mouse behaves abnormally and the pointer jumps around the screen. If the battery is intact, fully charged, and correctly inserted into the mouse, the problem may be with the receiver. Moreover, if the mouse is not working, make sure that no heavy electronic devices are halting its connection. Furthermore, update all the drivers. In addition, restarting the affected devices can resolve most software-related issues and conflicts.