Are you tired of typing on a keyboard that doesn’t register multiple key presses? Look no further because our Keyboard Key Rollover Test is here to help you determine the true capabilities of your keyboard.

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If you want to experience the ultimate keyboard performance. Look no further than our Key Rollover Test. This web-based tool is your ticket to test your keyboard and discover how many keys your keyboard can handle simultaneously.

With a few clicks, you can test various key combinations and see which keys produce which characters and at what levels.

Our test mimics a fast-paced typing scenario and measures the number of keys you can press simultaneously without ghosting or missed key presses.

This means that you’ll have a clear understanding of your keyboard’s key rollover capabilities. This is essential for gamers and fast typists who must ensure their keyboard is up to the task for optimal words per minute test scores.


The keyboard key rollover test is an essential tool for assessing the performance and reliability of a keyboard.

With this test, you can gain valuable insights into the count of keyboard keys pressed simultaneously without input lag or errors.

You can observe the maximum number of keys pressed simultaneously in an ongoing session to monitor the keyboard’s performance over time.

Moreover, you can also observe each key pressed on a virtual keyboard at its sequence-wise level to identify potential issues or behavior patterns impacting its performance.

Overall, the keyboard key rollover test is essential for ensuring that your keyboard is functioning at its best.

Keyboard Key Rollover Test Speedwallop - Features


Our test is simple and easy to use. Just follow these steps:

Plug in your keyboard to your computer and get ready to type.

Hit the play button and watch as the keys appear on the screen.

Type as fast as you can, pushing your fingers to their limit to check the key rollover.

Our test will measure the number of keys pressed simultaneously without ghosting or missing key presses.

See your results in real-time as they are displayed on the screen.

Don’t settle for a keyboard that can’t keep up with your typing speed. Take our Keyboard Key Rollover Test today and find the perfect keyboard for you!


Keyboard key rollover refers to the number of keys you can press simultaneously on a keyboard and still register correctly.

Key rollover is important because it determines how many keys can be pressed at once without ghosting or blocking.

Ghosting is when one key press is not registered because another key press is blocking it. For example, if a keyboard has a 2-key rollover, it can only register 2 keys pressed at once. If a user presses more than 2 keys at once, some key presses may need to be registered.

A higher key rollover lets you press more keys simultaneously without ghosting, making it more suitable for gaming and typing at high speeds.


What is ghosting in Keyboards?

Ghosting in keyboards is a common issue caused by the keyboard’s internal hardware limitation, where multiple key presses overload the circuit board and don’t register properly. But don’t worry; you can mitigate it using a keyboard with a higher key rollover or a better-quality circuit board.

What is blocking in Keyboards?

Blocking in keyboards is when multiple key presses don’t register correctly, resulting in missed keystrokes. It’s like a traffic jam inside your keyboard! You can avoid it using a keyboard with higher key rollover and a better quality circuit board.

What is NKRO and its ideal number?

NKRO (N-Key Rollover) is a feature that lets you press as many keys simultaneously as you want without any missed keystrokes. The higher the NKRO, the more keys you can press simultaneously. The optimum NKRO is the highest possible number that the keyboard can handle. It’s like having a super keyboard that can address all your typing needs!