You can now use this Click Counter to count your mouse clicks without any time constraints. Moreover, this counter is quite diverse and has multiple features. Therefore, you can utilize this simple tool for numerous purposes with your creativity.

Click Counter

Click Counter
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With the help of our clicker counter, you can count anything from your mobile phones and desktop computers. Meanwhile, you can use a mouse or touchscreen by touching the button. Moreover, this counter also has unique features that make it different from other available counters.


Any person who wants to count something will find Clicker Counter helpful. There are many ways to do this. For example, you can count your daily activities or track the actions others take.

Moreover, you can also check how much time you spend doing repetitive daily tasks. So, this counter assists you in a wide variety of ways.

This tool is easily accessible on both mobile devices and desktop computers. Simply visit Speedwallop and use our click counter without any hassle.

So even if you’re not a tech whiz, you should be able to use this counter without any trouble.


In the 21st century, counting something with your fingers is no longer an option. Instead, you can use this click counter to keep track of your achievements or progress.

Our counter will help you track the number of times you click a mouse. Most people use this tool for the same purpose, while others use it to keep track of some repetitive tasks.

There are so many different ways that you can use a click counter. Even if you don’t have a specific purpose in mind, it can be helpful to count things just for the sake of counting them.

You might be surprised at what you discover by using this tool. You may even find that it helps you be more productive or efficient.

So make sure to take advantage of this counter today. You will be glad that you did!

Speedwallop Click Counter Features


It is possible to use this click counter for various purposes. So, from counting clicks for fun to counting random iterations, it serves for multiple occasions.

Whether you want to count your daily exercise repetitions or find out how many people are going out or entering a place, you can use this tool for multiple objectives.

Anyone can use this counter with their creativity for various purposes depending upon their requirements. Here are some example applications of this counter written below:

Such as, how many times does a person laugh in a specific period?

Moreover, how often do you click a mouse or tap your fingers on the touchpad at a certain time?

In addition, how many times do you chew your food in 10 minutes?

Furthermore, how often do you blink in 10 seconds?

Moreover, the number of people who enter a room in one hour.

There are plenty of other applications for this counter. Ultimately, it all comes down to your creativity level and how you utilize this tool.


What is the main benefit of this click counter?

The main benefit of this tool is that it allows you to keep track of the count of certain events, specifically mouse clicks, within a time frame. Meanwhile, you can imitate each iteration using a mouse, touchpad, or touchscreen.

How to use this click counter?

This click counter is quite simple and easy to use. Everyone from any technical background can use and utilize this tool. Meanwhile, it can record clicks from the mouse, touchpad, or touchscreen while keeping a record of time duration.