APM – Actions Per Minute Test

APM Test is a fun online tool that lets you test your Actions Per Minute and challenge your friends so that you can measure and improve your gaming skills.

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“We Are What We Repeatedly Do” - Aristotle


APM Test is an enjoyable online tool that lets you test your mouse or touchpad’s cursor movement speed and click accuracy. It calculates your actions per minute, a widely used metric in gaming and esports. 

The tool presents you with targets on the screen to hit within a specified time limit. 

You may select from different timeframes options to test your APM. The targets will become faster and more unpredictable as the time limit increases.


Improve your gaming skills using APM Test to identify your strengths and weaknesses.

You can enhance your abilities by challenging your friends and sharing your scores on social media.

APM Test is an easy and accessible tool you can use anytime, whether you’re a pro or not.

This tool is perfect for improving your skills while having fun.

With APM Test, you can measure your APM, identify areas for improvement, enhance hand-eye coordination, boost confidence, and relieve stress.

Additionally, APM Test trains your brain and improves focus, making it an excellent tool for gamers.

So, don’t wait any longer; try APM Test today and watch your APM improve. We are excited to see how fast you can click now!


APM Test is super easy and intuitive to use. Here’s how:

Visit the website and choose a time limit that suits your desired difficulty.

Click the start button and use your mouse or touchpad to hit as many targets as possible to increase your score.

When the time limit is up, check your scorecard to see your hits, misses, total actions per minute, and effective actions per minute.

Share your scorecard on social media and challenge your friends to beat your score.

Hit the restart button to retry the test and improve your score. That’s it!


How can I improve my APM?

You can improve your APM by regularly practicing with different time limits and intensities. Try hitting targets accurately and avoid missing them.

How can APM Test help me improve my gaming skills?

APM Test measures your APM, helps you enhance your cognitive skills, reflexes, and reaction speed, and identifies areas to improve and become a better gamer.

Is the APM Test suitable for all types of gamers?

Yes, APM Test is suitable for both casual and professional gamers to improve their skills and help them become better gamers while having fun at the same time.